Arlington Loudoun Pediatric Opthalamogy

Welcome to Arlington/Loudoun Pediatric Ophthalmology & Arlington Eye Center!

Arlington-Loudoun Pediatric Ophthalmology is a medical practice specializing in pediatric eye disease and adult strabismus. The practice has been providing service for children and adults in Northern Virginia for 15 years.

Our board certified pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Melissa Kern specializes in all aspects of pediatric eye care – from the need for glasses to the diagnosis, management and treatment of complex medical and surgical eye disease.

If your primary care doctor suggests that your child have their eyes checked, a pediatric ophthalmologist has the widest range of treatment options, the most extensive and comprehensive medical training and the greatest expertise in treating children’s eye disorders.

Dr. Kern is also trained in the diagnosis and treatment of adults with double vision and misalignment of the eyes (strabismus).

Meet Dr. Melissa Kern

Melissa D. Kern, M.D., opened her pediatric ophthalmology practice in Arlington and Sterling in 1996. She was the first fellowship trained pediatric ophthalmologist in Loudoun County. read more...



Arlington Loudoun Pediatric Ophthalmology - Dr. Melissa Kern

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